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Posted by Matt W


Strange things have come across my painting table, but this week has been the strangest, despite being strange it was an adventurous and comical experience. Greg dropped off a box of prostitutes, nuns, orphans, constables, "johns" and a broken family. . . and all of them set in a world where 105mm artillery and MG42's rule the table! I am not sure how Battlefront intends for them to be used in Flames of War, but I plunged forward. . . Continue reading



Posted by Gregg

Força Expedicionária Brasileira and Division Azul

Spanish Division Azul and Força Expedicionária Brasileira (Brazilian Expeditionary Forces) PDFs have been added.

The Spanish Division Azul Grenadierkompanie is a Mid-war force organized and equipped as German forces, who fought on the Eastern Front. They use all the German special rules except Stormtrooper, and in addition get the British Bulldog rule. They are rated Confident Veteran. Continue reading

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03/20/14 - David has added a bunch of Italy scenarios to the Scenario finder. Also, 29th Infantry PDF has been updated.
03/09/14 - 29th Infantry Division Rifle Company PDF added.
02/21/14 - Hungarian Corp Troops (Under Review) PDF added.
02/09/14 - A-1H Skyraider added to Tour of Duty Free World Forces lists - Napalm and Cluster Bombs!
02/08/14 - PAVN Local Forces PDF added.
02/06/14 - Kampfgruppe Kersher (Under Review) PDF added.
02/05/14 - Norwegians 1940 PDF added.
02/04/14 - Warrier Higher Command Kurt "Panzer" Meyer added to 12. SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie and 12. SS-Panzerkompanie in Atlantik Wall: 2+ Motivation and 2+ Stormtrooper
02/03/14 - Romanian mid-war Cavalerie PDF added.

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